Money Driven or Negotiation?

Money driven or negotiation is always an interesting topic when it comes to offering a candidate a job.  However, I think it is really simple if you’ve found out the right information through out the process.  I recently read this article that was posted on LinkedIn from Forbes and this has prompted this blog entry. Below are a few scenarios that I always try to avoid so a “back out” or “loss of opportunity” doesn’t happen for my clients or for my candidates. Not finding out enough information.  When finding more information out about what candidates are looking for in the next step in their career, the bottom-line of what they are willing to accept for a new role is always asked.  This is obviously one of many questions to help the candidate the best I can in getting them the right opportunity for them.  I am just as blunt with my clients with where they are willing to negotiate on the position.  Will they pay more than the range or is it a hard number. If a candidate’s pure reason for leaving their current role is for money.  This isn’t good enough for me – I want to know why you want to leave.  If it’s purely for the money, it rarely works out.  There are a couple scenarios where I know the market value and can understand but this is rarely the case. The candidates bottom line is my clients top end.  I let my client and my candidate know this right off the hop as it has to be treated differently than someone well in the range.... read more

Accepting a Job Offer

Accepting a job offer can be a very exciting time but it can also be stressful if it has not been handled properly.  I recently read an article on Undercover Recruiter and it points out some things that you should consider before accepting.  Although I agree on the points of what you should consider, most of this should be looked into before you get the offer not once you get it.  Make sure that while you are going through the interview process that you feel excited and interested in both the role & the company, that the culture is what you want and the role will fill your needs when it comes to a new role.  You should have an idea of what the compensation package will look like – it shouldnt be a surprise when you get your offer.   And lastly, make sure you have looked into the company, this should be done before even your first interview.  This can be done by simply Googling the business and going to the company website. If you do all of the above, the process of signing your offer will be a lot smoother and you will be looking forward to joining your new employer.  If you are working with a good recruiter then they should be prompting all of the above for you.  If the recruiter is not, then I suggest looking for a new person that will help you through the process in fulfilling your career... read more

Banning emails after hours

Banning emails after hours in the work environment is actually not a bad idea.  I thought it was great way back when, when I got my first company phone, “it makes me so much more efficient and I have less emails to do the next morning”.  This article is certainly an eye opener but why is this the first time I’ve heard of it? It is such a great idea and the impact it will have I think will be underestimated.  As JP Recruitment grows, we will have to implement it.  In my teams in the past, I have always been an advocate of making sure employee’s dont put in extra work in the weekends or work too late because I dont want them to burn themselves out.  This ensures that your team can “shut off” and actually relax and then return to work and be more productive.  The timing of the article is great as I have even got to the point where I start leaving my phone at home for simple tasks in the evening because I dont to be checking it every two minutes.  What are your... read more

Sharing Best Practices

Sharing best practices the way this company has should happen more often.  We interview people everyday and everyone of them are questioned on their lean manufacturing skills.  When a manufacturing business hires these days, one of the main requirements is to have a continuous improvement background.  If anything, this video is great PR for them and show future employees the type of work environment they offer to people.  How do you share best practices at your work place?  Should you be doing... read more

Resume Format

Resume format is something that I constantly discuss as feedback with candidates after their interview, whether it be content, the name of the file, the structure and lastly and what this post is about…file format.  I came across this older article on and it is something that I think is underestimated by the job seeker community.  Definitely worth a read on why you should NOT submit your resume in PDF format.  It’s a small tip that could make a major impact for you in the search for a new... read more

Traits of Success

What makes every individual in the engineering & manufacturing industry or life in general is different for everyone.  The below image is interesting because it gives certain traits that either lead you down one path or the other.  I am certainly guilty of some items in the unsuccessful column and these types of posts are always a good reminder that we can all improve.  How about you?  Do you think about these?  If you do, how often do you self evaluate?  I think this is crucial in a job search, especially going into an interview on knowing your strengths/weaknesses and/or where you need to improve as a person in general.  For more industry news, job search tips and job postings, be sure to follow us on... read more

Recruitment Statistics

I thought I would share this article I read on statistics in recruitment.  Very interesting.  The two points that stick out the most to me are: It takes an average of 27 days to make a new hire – and this is an all time high. The best candidates are off the market within 10 days. What are thoughts?  Is your company seeing similar trends?  Does the market need a wake up call in moving faster in the recruitment... read more

Personality vs. Skillset

I saw this tweet from @UndercoverRec and it is something that comes up with every hire and I believe that it truly comes down to both.  A lot of our clients come to us because they need a specific skillset.  Our goal here @JPRecruitmentCA is when we sit down with our clients is to learn about the role, how it impacts the business and get a sense of the culture within the company.  In the end, we want to present the company with a list of 5-6 candidates who ALL have the skillset they are looking for – they just need to pick who is the best cultural fit for their business.  In the end, after all of that, you have to chose between the two?  I would go with the best cultural fit.  Fixing/developing a skillset is a lot easier than turning around a company culture.  What are your... read more

Interview Creativity

This is an interesting video on how @Heineken got creative with their interview process.  Now, I am not saying that you need to be as drastic as what we see in the interview but how many of you have gone through the same old questions time and time again.  Lets be honest, candidates can prepare for these types of questions and that can/may lead to a mis-hire.  So, why not rethink your hiring strategy as a company and have questions/scenarios that will bring out the traits and strengths of a candidate that will be great for your business.... read more

Understanding Your Plant

Saw this post on LinkedIn and thought how true it is.  A lot of companies think they understand the issues in their plant, a lot of companies think they are “doing” lean manufacturing.  However, often, these companies are not digging deep enough.... read more

Plant Productivity

We use technology in our personal lives every day to make us more efficient, remind us of things & this makes us more productive.  I know manufacturers use technology to automate lines, have real time stats on efficiencies and line production as well as tracking inventory and buying.  Are tablets the next step?  Are you seeing this in your plant yet?  Do you think it would be beneficial?  This article reflects on using tablets in the manufacturing industry.  Let’s hear your... read more

Help…I’ve been headhunted!

Friends & family often ask me how to handle a situation when they get a call from a recruiter.  Do these people know what they are talking about?  Should I explore this further?  I read this article by Tony Crane at Hemisphere Consulting and thought I would share the below as I thought it would be beneficial to all... read more

LinkedIn Spam

I read this article yesterday and shared it on our LinkedIn page as I thought it was very interesting.  I hope it deters people from posting things that are irrelevant to business on LinkedIn.  I know that the team here at JP Recruitment are going to start “unconnecting” with people on our feeds that do it.  What are your... read more

Keeping loyal employees

Keeping loyal employees is important in any business.  Let’s be honest, keeping employees in general is important.  The cost of replacing members of your team can be high (ie. training, time, recruitment).  So, I thought this snippet from LinkedIn was good and something to always keep in mind.  What is important to you in staying in a job?  Are any of the below more important?  How does your company get people to... read more

Work-Life Balance

I’ve always been a big advocate of ensuring people have a good work/life balance.  It allows people to be refreshed everyday and be more productive.  I saw this article on LinkedIn and thought I should share.  What are your... read more